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Cindy Cindy - One of our long-time friends, Cindy, is a Show Quarter horse and 21-years-old. She is an excellent, sensitive, and experienced therapist who knows almost as much as Jan and is not shy to tell us about it. One day, during a lesson, it became apparent that a student rider was not feeling well. But when Cindy stopped and stood fast, the human instructor knew something was up -- the rider was having a seizure. Cindy had sensed this beforehand and was supporting her rider by calmly waiting for the seizure to take its course. When it stopped, the horse agreed to walk on and the lesson ended on a good note. Cindy has been to the Cal Net State Championship Show for People with Disabilities.
Oz - Oz is a wonderful Grey 16-year-old Arab owned by our volunteer Micala Watson who loans him to ABOP. Formerly, Oz was a endurance race horse. Always careful with our riders, he is good natured and fun to ride. Thank you Micala for letting us use Oz!
Steele and Arial Steele - A beautiful Percheron Draft horse, Steele is 23-years-old and spends some of his time jousting at the Renaissance Faire. But when he is at Above & Beyond "Ordinary" People, his gentle temperament and unflappable attitude make for a safe but thrilling ride. His mythic white steed stature makes him an all-time favorite. Steele needs a sponsor. Please click on the SPONSOR A HORSE button to see how you may help.
Squirt Squirt is a 3-year-old Halflinger Gypsy Vanner cross Cob. He is patient and loves everybody! Squirt has a wonderful easy-going attitude, likes to learn tricks, LOVES to be groomed, and is easily taught new skills. Squirt was purchased as a yearling by the Angel Baby Group for donation to a therapy program. ABOP School was chosen to receive him when he was 2 1/2-years-old after he was fostered by Jim and Diane Harris.
Bodi Bodi is our newest Draft. He is sweet and gentle.
Rawnie-our new Gypsy Vanner Rawnie-shown here in 2011, is coming along nicely and loves her new job as a therapist! It's "a lot of fun!"
Blue Blue is so happy to be with us and is an excellent, patient and gentle therapist.